Unleash Your Teen’s Talents is focused on making sure young people know and understand their strengths, skills and talents. Teaming up with Talent Dynamics for Young People, the no.1 Personal Development Pathway for young people, we work together with parents, educational organisations world-wide and coaches, delivering a hugely effective programme, empowering young people to transform their lives by simply identifying their skills, increasing confidence and self-worth as well as giving them insight into the type of career form them. The programme is aimed at a wide range of young people, aged 9-23, however parents and teachers can learn about themselves too!

Young people face so many challenges, including:

  • Choosing the right subjects for examination without knowing what path they will follow in their career.

  • Peer pressure to choose subjects, or socialise.

  • Struggling with learning the ‘conventional’ way.

  • Pressure to go onto Further Education.

  • Not knowing what they are good at, so lacking self-esteem.

If one, or many of the points above is you, or your young person, then Unleash Your Teen’s talents can help you by exploring the ‘real’ you, what you are good at, how to use this to your advantage and how to overcome the challenges faced. We discover how to identify when you are ‘in flow’ and how to build a team around you to help in any situation.

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