2017 – So what have you decided ?

At the beginning of the year there are so many people asking you about the New Year,  Have you made any resolutions? What are your goals? What are you going to achieve this year? What have you decided?

We have all heard them before and if you are anything like me, although I know this  is good time to look back on the previous year, work out what went well and what didn’t. when I am asked about it, it puts me off!   Does anyone feel the same?

The most powerful way I have found to decide what I need to put right and to do in the coming year is to write an account of this coming year, what I have done and what I have achieved as if it has already happened.   I date it one year from the day I write it, so for example: 18th January 2018.

When you write as if it has happened it is so much more powerful, as you feel as if you have lived it already and it becomes believable.

So, take 30 minutes out of tomorrow:   Imagine it is 19th January 2018.  You are writing to your long lost friend about 2017 and what has happened to you, personally and work wise. Put in as much detail as possible and really feel as if you have lived it, you have achieved it.

This is the beginning of knowing your goals for this year, your pathway to making it the best year yet.

If you want to discover more about you and the pathway you can take leave your details in the box and we will contact you.